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62012 C. S. Seshadri tequila, ikea blackcurrant syrup, white or yellow grapefruit juice, meyer lemon juice, dash of absinthe
62011 Robert Robinson tequila, lime juice, pineapple syrup, simple syrup, slice of kiwi
62010 Gambo tequila, red grapefruit juice, meyer lemon juice, simple syrup, molasses syrup, five mint leaves, dash of peach bitters
62009 Croatian Chamber of Counties election tequila, meyer lemon juice, aperol, amaro, blackberry, dash of peach bitters
62008 Fire Alarm pisco, meyer lemon juice, elderflower liqueur, red grapefruit juice, dash of peychaud bitters
62007 No Greater Love applejack, meyer lemon juice, nocino, grated nutmeg, dash of whiskey bitters, dry champagne
62006 Flat Creek Township bourbon, cachaca, molasses syrup, dash of grapefruit bitters
62005 Heidi Mollenhauer pineapple juice, pisco, white or yellow grapefruit juice, simple syrup, rye, key lime juice, grated cinnamon, dash of peychaud bitters
62004 Zionist and Palestinian Arab attitudes before 1948 cachaca, dry white vermouth, brown sugar, aperol, dash of angostura bitters, dash of orange bitters
62003 Esan applejack, dry white vermouth, madeira, aperol, dash of peychaud bitters
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