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65051 Natasha Walter amaro, vodka, lime juice, sweet red vermouth, grated nutmeg, slice of peach
65050 Glina vodka, dry white vermouth, allspice dram, dash of whiskey bitters
65049 The Ram has Touched the Wall sweet red vermouth, vodka, simple syrup, dash of grapefruit bitters, dash of peychaud bitters
65048 Good Vibrations scotch, grenadine, vodka, grated dark chocolate, dash of green chartreuse, dash of angostura bitters
65047 Benton Township light or gold rum or rhum agricole, lime juice, ikea blackcurrant syrup, pear liqueur, five mint leaves, dash of grapefruit bitters, dash of whiskey bitters, sweet champagne
65046 Bob Ryan scotch, dry white vermouth, apricot liqueur, dash of whiskey bitters, dash of angostura bitters
65045 Demons dark rum, scotch, honey syrup, blackberry, dash of grapefruit bitters, lime twist
65044 Southern Poverty Law Center cachaca, red grapefruit juice, cherry heering, lime juice, slice of peach, five basil leaves, dash of maraschino liqueur
65043 CFFM-FM light or gold rum or rhum agricole, red grapefruit juice, ruby port, elderflower liqueur, slice of chili, grated dark chocolate
65042 Earthquake engineering structures bourbon, dry white vermouth, ruby port, grenadine, dash of peychaud bitters, dash of orange bitters
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