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52178 Karamana Janardanan Nair applejack, pear liqueur, dash of peychaud bitters
52177 Ust-Koksinsky District white or yellow grapefruit juice, nocino, cointreau, tequila, dash of orange bitters
52176 Szentantalfa cachaca, white or yellow grapefruit juice, sweet red vermouth, simple syrup, rosemary, dry champagne
52175 Robert Curran gin, tawny port, lemon juice, watermelon syrup, three sage leaves, grated dark chocolate, soda
52174 Amar Ben Belgacem tequila, madeira, apple cider, meyer lemon juice, pineapple syrup, five basil leaves, dry champagne
52173 Lancashire League pineapple juice, vodka, cherry heering, meyer lemon juice, dash of peach bitters, sweet champagne
52172 Single-phase electric power vodka, scotch, meyer lemon juice, honey syrup, coconut syrup, five basil leaves, five mint leaves, guava slice, dry champagne
52171 Hampshire county cricket teams pisco, sweet red vermouth, dash of orange bitters
52170 Anatakupu Island sweet white vermouth, light or gold rum or rhum agricole, dash of grapefruit bitters
52169 The Diamond from the Sky cherry heering, brandy, white or yellow grapefruit juice, lime juice, dash of whiskey bitters, rosemary, dash of peychaud bitters
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