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54981 Volleyball at the 2005 Southeast Asian Games gin, dry white vermouth, key lime juice, brown sugar, campari, dash of grapefruit bitters, five basil leaves
54980 Little Texas dark rum, grenadine, dash of peychaud bitters, amarena cherry
54979 Jim O'Brien dark rum, meyer lemon juice, campari, sweet red vermouth, apricot liqueur, orange twist or ribbon, lime twist
54978 Jude Lawson dark rum, strega, sweet white vermouth, lemon juice, five mint leaves, dash of peychaud bitters, dry champagne
54977 Mauritian Labour Party tawny port, pisco, dark rum, aperol, five tarragon leaves, dash of orange bitters, dash of mezcal, dry champagne
54976 1995–96 Minnesota Timberwolves season sweet red vermouth, tequila, five mint leaves, dash of angostura bitters
54975 Sligo Senior Football League sweet white vermouth, pruno, lime juice, dash of orange bitters, dry champagne
54974 Bishnupur dark rum, scotch, watermelon syrup, strawberry
54973 Green Book red grapefruit juice, gin, amaro, dash of whiskey bitters
54972 Jessica Robinson light or gold rum or rhum agricole, lemon juice, elderflower liqueur, simple syrup, slice of peach, rosemary
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