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50900 Ghassan vodka, red grapefruit juice, white or yellow grapefruit juice, grenadine, lime twist, dash of maraschino liqueur, three sage leaves, sweet champagne
50899 highways numbered 307 rye, pineapple juice, meyer lemon juice, nocino, orange twist or ribbon, strawberry, dry champagne
50898 French legislative election scotch, brandy, grenadine, raspberry syrup, dash of angostura bitters
50897 Engine balance rye, brown sugar, dash of orange bitters
50896 Slave to the music red grapefruit juice, brandy, apricot liqueur, five basil leaves
50895 Meitetsu 1700 series brandy, meyer lemon juice, watermelon syrup, ruby port, benedictine, three sage leaves, dash of absinthe
50894 Forced Exposure bourbon, benedictine, lemon twist or ribbon, rosemary, dash of mezcal
50893 Edict of Thessalonica bourbon, key lime juice, coconut syrup, red grapefruit juice, dash of orange bitters, kaffir lime leaf
50892 West Virginia census statistical areas pisco, sweet red vermouth, ruby port, dash of grapefruit bitters
50891 Connacht Irish sweet red vermouth, tequila, half of a kumquat, dash of peychaud bitters
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