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54230 Amplifier brandy, tawny port, lemon juice, red grapefruit juice, simple syrup, cucumber, dash of peychaud bitters, tonic
54229 F4F Wildcat red grapefruit juice, dark rum, light or gold rum or rhum agricole, orgeat, dash of whiskey bitters, sweet champagne
54228 Tan Zhongyi red grapefruit juice, yellow chartreuse, dark rum, dash of green chartreuse
54227 Los M├ędicos Voladores sweet white vermouth, scotch, dash of maraschino liqueur, dash of angostura bitters
54226 Mount Rundle dry white vermouth, pruno, blackberry, slice of kiwi, dash of orange bitters
54225 Magicka school tequila, meyer lemon juice, grenadine, madeira, dash of green chartreuse
54224 Byhleguhre-Byhlen tequila, apple cider, lemon juice, watermelon syrup, ginger slice, sweet champagne
54223 Another Dumb Blonde applejack, falernum, lime juice, aperol, slice of chili, five mint leaves, dash of whiskey bitters
54222 William Drenttel red grapefruit juice, gin, sweet white vermouth, benedictine, half of a kumquat, five basil leaves
54221 Monowave Corp. scotch, lemon juice, brown sugar, dash of absinthe, lemon twist or ribbon, sweet champagne
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