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54602 Lionel-Groulx white or yellow grapefruit juice, yellow chartreuse, scotch, pineapple juice, brown sugar, rosemary, blackberry, ginger beer
54601 Harry Howell lemon juice, cointreau, cachaca, scotch, dash of green chartreuse, dash of orange bitters, dash of peach bitters, dry champagne
54600 Otto I dry white vermouth, benedictine, vodka, cucumber, dash of whiskey bitters
54599 Kill Cruise tequila, ruby port, lemon juice, allspice dram, dash of angostura bitters
54598 Taiji Matsue bourbon, tawny port, limoncello, white or yellow grapefruit juice, lime juice, dash of whiskey bitters
54597 Yevgeny Kutik rye, limoncello, pruno, dash of angostura bitters
54596 Currenex scotch, molasses syrup, ikea blackcurrant syrup, dash of whiskey bitters, grated cinnamon, dash of mezcal
54595 Dilasaini cachaca, dry white vermouth, allspice dram, aperol, dash of peach bitters, dash of peychaud bitters
54594 HMS Black Prince rye, lemon juice, orgeat, sugar, dash of orange bitters, rosemary, grated dark chocolate, sweet champagne
54593 Hermann Cohen tequila, apple cider, dark rum, lime juice, cherry heering, dash of green chartreuse, ginger slice, dash of absinthe, sweet champagne
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