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50423 Angela Baddeley apple cider, applejack, campari, light or gold rum or rhum agricole, lemon juice, dash of angostura bitters
50422 First Ministers of Scotland dry white vermouth, pruno, dash of peychaud bitters, cranberry
50421 Military structure of the FARC-EP sweet white vermouth, vodka, grated nutmeg, half of a kumquat
50420 AntiPatterns sweet red vermouth, vodka, dash of maraschino liqueur, rosemary
50419 Banknotes of the Canadian dollar vodka, lime juice, coconut syrup, dash of grapefruit bitters, sweet champagne
50418 Robert Finch vodka, pineapple syrup, meyer lemon juice, cranberry, dash of angostura bitters, dry champagne
50417 Heinz Zednik vodka, dry white vermouth, raspberry syrup, molasses syrup, dash of grapefruit bitters, dash of peach bitters
50416 1921–22 in English football madeira, rye, key lime juice, dash of angostura bitters, dry champagne
50415 Arthur Porritt sweet white vermouth, applejack, strawberry, dash of peychaud bitters
50414 Waltham Land Trust yellow chartreuse, bourbon, lime juice, meyer lemon juice, dash of peach bitters, guava slice, sweet champagne
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