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57969 Paraskevi lime juice, cointreau, vodka, bourbon, dash of maraschino liqueur, strawberry, slice of chili, dry champagne
57968 1948 Roussillon Grand Prix applejack, sweet red vermouth, dash of orange bitters, dash of peach bitters
57967 Apustia dry white vermouth, cointreau, cachaca, guava slice, grapefruit twist or ribbon
57966 Parliamentary constituencies in Lancashire cachaca, sweet white vermouth, dash of orange bitters
57965 Tampines New Town dark rum, sweet white vermouth, pruno, dash of whiskey bitters, dash of peach bitters
57964 John R. Drake tequila, dry white vermouth, coconut syrup, dash of peychaud bitters, dash of orange bitters, dash of angostura bitters
57963 Winners Take All bourbon, dry white vermouth, campari, cherry heering, dash of whiskey bitters, dash of peychaud bitters
57962 Source counts dark rum, rye, honey syrup, ginger slice, blackberry
57961 Domine Non Es Dignus benedictine, rye, meyer lemon juice, ginger slice, dash of absinthe, tonic
57960 As Far as the Eye Can See rye, lemon juice, pineapple juice, sweet red vermouth, grenadine, apricot liqueur, ginger slice
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