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58330 The Sims Castaway Stories brandy, lime juice, strega, grated dark chocolate, slice of chili, dash of orange bitters
58329 Źródła strega, rye, lemon juice, grenadine, dash of orange bitters, soda
58328 Saïd Haddou rye, meyer lemon juice, cointreau, lime twist, slice of peach, sweet champagne
58327 Caproni Ca.1 dark rum, aperol, key lime juice, grated cinnamon
58326 Matthey's Mouse sweet white vermouth, gin, orange twist or ribbon
58325 Machine press scotch, yellow chartreuse, rye, grapefruit twist or ribbon
58324 Crouching Tiger brandy, white or yellow grapefruit juice, simple syrup, grated dark chocolate
58323 85 gin, falernum, apple cider, key lime juice, allspice dram, amarena cherry, five mint leaves, dash of angostura bitters
58322 USS Balch light or gold rum or rhum agricole, lemon juice, coconut syrup, aperol, slice of peach, dash of peach bitters, sweet champagne
58321 Scholastic light or gold rum or rhum agricole, sweet red vermouth, lemon juice, simple syrup, dash of orange bitters, grated cinnamon
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